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At the end of the road up the Dode Valley, north of Lhasa city, sits a rusty old dam that’s no longer used. Tibet’s water sources have been drying up over the last few decades: the river that would have once flowed through here has been reduced to a mere trickle. 

The drying up of Tibet’s rivers has serious implications for the rest of Asia considering that some of the continent’s greatest rivers originate on the plateau: the Brahmaputra, the Mekong, the Indus, the Yangtze, the Sutlej, and the Yellow River. 


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Some Mondays I be like…

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The U.S. is missing opportunities because too many U.S. ambassadors have not arrived to fill vacant posts. A Senate backlog in confirming ambassadorial candidates has left the U.S. without permanent ambassadors in 40 countries and a total of 58 State Department nominees still awaiting confirmation.

This logjam in the Senate is hampering America’s role in the world. Read more here.


Marja Mills, a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, spent 18 months living next door to Harper Lee and her sister Alice. Maureen Corrigan reviews Mills’ book about the experience, titled  The Mockingbird Next Door

Rather than warmed-over gossip, what The Mockingbird Next Door does offer is a rich sense of the daily texture of the Lee sisters’ lives. By the time she moved to Monroeville, Mills had been diagnosed with Lupus and was out on disability from the Chicago Tribune. Consequently, she entered easily into the world of the Lees and their “gray-haired crew” — all of them shared aching joints and free time to talk about books and local history, to go fishing and take long car rides into the country. Mills says she had to watch herself with Harper, who had more of an “edge” than her older sister Alice. Whereas Harper could shut down a conversation with a frosty stare or a few choice cuss words, Alice comes off as gracious, grounded and principled. During her long legal career, she was a steady proponent of The Civil Rights Movement, prompting Harper Lee to refer to Alice admiringly as: “Atticus in a skirt.”

Photo: Book author Harper Lee and Mary Badham (in the tire swing), who plays Scout in the film version of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” are shown on a film set at Universal Studio in 1961.

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.

De-rek Je-ter.


“The violence is everywhere,” said photographer Carlos Javier Ortiz, who has documented the poverty and crime in the region with his project El Sueño. His photos were recently featured in this MSNBC report about violence in Guatemala. 


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NYT: Chinese hackers pursue key data on US workers, officials say


New York Times: Chinese hackers broke into the the computer networks of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which houses the personal information of all federal employees, senior officials said.

An official at the Department of Homeland Security confirmed the attack to the New York Times but said that “at this time,” neither the personnel agency nor Homeland Security had “identified any loss of personally identifiable information.”

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