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Scent of Juniper

Intercontinental Hotel Group’s Nationality Inspectors.

Khenpo Kartse    

On December 6, 2013, Chinese authorities arrested a highly respected Buddhist abbot, Khenpo Kartse. Khenpo is well-known by the community for promoting unity, language rights and culture amongst the Tibetan people.

Thousands of Tibetans have risked their lives in protest for his release. He is reported to be suffering from an inflamed liver and in critical health. If enough people speak out for Khenpo Kartse, the more attention his case will get, and the more pressure the Chinese Government will be under to respond.

This petition has been started to continue that pressure.

Your voice will be heard by Director of Qinghai Province Public Security Bureau, Liu Zhiqiang; China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Liu Jieyi; and China’s Premier Li Keqiang.

Please sign to help secure his release.

Karma Tsewang, 38 - Yushu

MT bhodrangzen:

“I cannot bear the atrocities of the Chinese government any longer.”

Tseten: father of two, Chakdor Kyab (4 years old), and Paltsel Kyab (3 years old). Namnang (wife) as well as some other relatives have disappeared and are believed to be in custody.

Tseten is the 124th Tibetan to set himself on fire.

This. གསལ་བྱེད་སུམ་ཅུ། with MC Shapaley.  

Lhasa Street Talk by I ❤ TUL


Found on Twitter:

 China Hotline
Found on Weibo: Particularly clear picture of Chinese snipers on the rooftops in Lhasa, . Harmony at gunpoint.

I repeat: ‘Harmony at Gunpoint’.

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Seven Days in Tibet 

Tibet has been off-limits to journalists since the Chinese government brutally suppressed riots in the region five years ago. France 24’s regional correspondent Cyril Payen managed to get a seven-day visa to enter the region. What he saw lends weight to the complaints of the Dalai Lama and human rights organisations, who say Tibetan culture is being erased.

Tibet's Man on Fire 

Tibetans continue to burn. This week, two monks from Taktsang Lhamo Kirti monastery, Lobsang Dawa and Konchok Woeser, set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule. A week earlier, a young mother by the single name Chugtso self-immolated, leaving behind her husband and a three-year-old child. Well over a hundred Tibetans have sacrificed themselves in this way since 2009. Yet it’s very difficult for journalists to cover the burnings, because Chinese authorities block access to the areas where they occur, and impose punishments on those who provide information to the outside world. The self-immolation a year ago of Jamphel Yeshi, however, took place in India, beyond the Chinese news blockade. National Geographic covered his story in detail…

(Jeff Bartholet for Nat Geo)

Free Tibet wheat by Rayaan Cassiem.

Image by Klaus Warschkow.

MT @ thepeoplesrecord On Tuesday February 20th, 2013: Two Tibetan teenagers killed themselves by self-immolation on Tuesday to protest Chinese rule in Tibet.  The two were among the youngest Tibetans to kill themselves in protest, and the act was a rare instance in which Tibetans committed self-immolation together. 

Some 107 Tibetans have set themsleves alight in protest of Chinese rule in Tibet and calling for the return of Tibet’s spiritual leader the Dalai Lama.

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NPR’s Talk of the Nation: Flames of Protest w Bhuchung la and Robbie B. 

Alone, Exhausted and Waiting: Darkness into Beauty © Rigdol 

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